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in the Holy City of Jerusalem - Al Quds As Sharif

This Site deals with the powerful mystical experiences that let the Bagheban to Islam
and explains the various prayer images that emerged very strongly and clearly in the first 4 years, one year prior and 3 years after his formal conversion to Islam - 1998, 1999, especially during 2000, and some in 2001.


UMRAH - RAJAB 1421 H. - OCT 2000

Images with strong impacts for the future, images that would shape his personality and outlook on life, both dunja and aheera.

From the very beginning it became apparent that his role was not that of a propagandist for the Islamic Movement. After these first 4 years a somber reality sunk in, a reality which became more violent and hateful with every passing month after Sep 11, the war in Iraq , the hostage slaughter, the daily bombings and loss of innocent lives, the terror war in Palestine with terrible blows and counter-blows from both sides, Israelis and Palestinians....

Gradually this somber reality effected the peacework and mission, and lasted for 2 years (2001-2003)

Nobody trusted nobody any more - suspicion filled the air, Al Qaida, the additional terrible Istanbul, Madrid ,Riad and London bombings ...a terrible time is, yet emerging, a global terror war on all fronts, physical and spiritual at the same time ....

2004 and 2005 were marked with utter dis-engagement and isolation.

The EIU (Enlightened Islamic Ummah) a new Ummah, a break-away entity from the OIU (Old Islamic Ummah which was occupied and taken hostage by militant Islam) emerged.
This stem from a realization that the entire Ummah was befallen by various stages of militancy - an uncurable cancer - expressed in the unrealistic Khat Al Achmar (Red-Line)Doctrine

Finally in Mukharram 1427 - Feb. 2006,by the grace of Allah, Sabhanahu wa Ta'ala, we realized the incorrectness of this drastic and unrealistic action and rescinded every seperatist measure taken previously, re-uniting with the mainstream of the Ummah, emerging strengthened and more determined than ever before to contribute our share for the turn-around and betterment of its poor state.

It is this terrible time, this time of test and vision, that the Bagheban must speak up with a thundering and fearless voice, often a lone figure in the mist of the dawn, a lone figure that travels mystically during the night time and especially at dawn, during fajr prayers throughout the corners of the Islamic Ummah, an Ummah that needs to change its ways, abandon militancy and come to terms within the family of man, becoming thus a peaceful noble nation amongst the nations.

The Time to speak up is NOW !

Khalil Abdullah Al Rashid - The Bagheban, Al Assad Al Musaalim
Mukharram 1427 H. - Feb. 2006- Al Hambra - Al Qasr Al Salaam - Granada - Al Andalus - Spain

Masjid Al Aqsa - AL QUDS AS SHARIF

after intense prayers on Sep 15, 2003, the title of "Al Rashidun"
The Rightly-Guided of the New Peaceful Order emerged
and was adopted by the Bagheban-e-Islam for the entire IslamPeace-IUT movement

Khalil Abdullah - First Encounter with Islam

Khalil Abdullah's Peace Poems

Khalil Abdullah Publications

4 Islamic-Dreams from the Sixties/Seventies and 2001

5th Ramadan 1412 - Receiving the Holy Qur'an with Water

Safar 1413 - Ey Madare Iran - Hoi Mother Iran ( Poem )

The Night Journey to Amman - Jordan 4-5 Sha'ban 1418 H. - 4-5 Dec 1997

Ramadan 1418 - Receiving the Holy Qur'an with Fire

Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque - Citadel - Cairo 10-7-1998 - 16 Rabiee Al Awal 1419 H.

Muhammad Ali Pasha Mosque - Citadel - Cairo 10-7-1998 - 16 Rabiee Al Awal 1419 H.

Prayer Images - Prayer-Visions
  • 7 Safar 1421 - 12 May 2000 - The fascinating Journey visions - seen for several days - always traveling at high speed
    coastal towns - passing through City Gates - Jeddah (?)
    Mecca Al Mukarama - the Kaaba to the left and then again to the right with the multitudes
  • 23 Rabiee I 1421 - June 26 2000 - The Minbar in the Mountains to my right - a city in the valley below to my left
  • The Battleship plowing the sea at dawn vision - Oct.15-16 2000
  • The fast moving surfaced submarine at dawn - August 17,2001

    Ramadan-Visions - 1412 - 1418 - 1421

    Eid-Al-Adha 1420 - March 2000
  • The Khan Younis - Gaza visions : The Night before the visit
  • The Sacrifice of the Sheep and the Asr , Maghrib and Eisha prayer visions
  • The Fajr prayer vision after Khan Younis

    Mukharram-Prayer-Visions 1421 - 1422
  • 5 Mukharram 1421 - 10 April 2000 - Sitting on a high mountain side and look at the Kaaba at night - several visions but sometimes so dark and the stars so bright ,below in the valley a city with many tiny lights
  • The four horses - the Kaaba in Mecca Al Mukarama
  • The Yellow and Golden Crescent Flags
  • The Prayer in the Lions Court of the Al Hambra - Granada - Andalus

    Words of Wisdom - Quotations

    Advice - Nasihah - Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Al Habib

    2 Jumada II 1422 - 22 August 2001 - Leil Al Aqsa - Night of Al Aqsa - Qadr-Fate

    IslamPeace-IUT -Hamburg Conference Safar 1423 - May 2002

    2 Jumada II 1424 - 28.-31. July 2003 - 3rd IslamPeace-IUT Anniversary Conf. -Granada



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